President’s Column: Howard Nemerov

The board decided to send me on a “presidential tour” around Texas, visiting each region to discuss continuing education and new laws affecting your business. October 3 saw me in El Paso—see picture below—where a group of dedicated AMTA-Texas members meet on a regular basis. A few takeaways from their success story:

  • Set a regular meeting day, time, and location. It makes it easier for everybody to arrange their schedules if you all meet, say, at 6 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month at Ralph’s Pretty Good Café.
  • While there’s an official Regional Coordinator, many others volunteer to share tasks. This made for more camaraderie and enjoyment. People who invest their own time find the meeting more rewarding.
  • Find someplace with decent food. Good food makes for more pleasant company and experience.

Speaking of regions, I plan to visit the Beaumont/Southeast Texas region once things recover from the recent flood.

We need members to step up and become regional coordinators all around the state. Michelle Burns, our new Education Chair, developed regions around similar zip codes. You would work with Michelle and the Board to arrange regional continuing education. We’ve budgeted your money so that you can bring in Texas-licensed continuing education providers, or those approved by National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). You could easily attain the 12 CEs necessary to renew your license without having to travel more than an hour or so; no hotel and other travel expenses necessary.

We’re putting the final touches on the 2020 state convention, at the Grapevine Convention Center next April 2–4. We’re planning another Friday or Saturday dinner at a decent restaurant, complimentary or low-cost for attendees. One of the main positive comments we had from the 2019 convention was the good food. We have another caterer lined up, who we hope will be as good as the last one. Last but definitely not least, we have a great lineup of nationally certified instructors. More on this arriving soon in its own newsletter.

Finally, it’s election season. We have pending elections for President, Secretary, and one Board Member. All of these are two-year commitments. Our Elections Coordinator will soon be sending out a call for candidates with position descriptions and how to apply, so check your inbox for updates.

Expect to volunteer between two and 10 hours per week, guiding our chapter forward and serving individual members when they have questions and concerns. You also work with Committee Chairs to promote and build-out programs like Regional Education. The rewards come from knowing you’ve done good service for our profession.

— Howard Nemerov, President