President’s Column: Howard Nemerov

By: Howard Nemerov

As we head into “convention season” I consider myself blessed to be able to help people through healing touch, where head, hands, and heart come together to help clients. Compared to the dry corporate world—for me—helping people directly is far more satisfying. Nothing compares to that feeling when the client gets off the table and says, “I feel better.”

We’re a diverse group. Some therapists work in the spa environment, providing more traditional massage. Others are clinical therapists who focus on resolving injuries and persistent issues that other manual therapists failed to address. Yet, if the spa therapist and clinical therapist are both busy seeing clients, they’re both equally valuable, as far as the market is concerned. In this, our profession truly represents strength through diversity: The better we serve the public, the more we all benefit.

Texas law requires us to obtain continuing education credits to renew our licenses. Our convention next February 7–9 provides a tidy opportunity for you to get all your CEs, meet old and new colleagues, and have fun socializing. Hope to see you there!

— Howard Nemerov, President