Convention Class – Touch for Health

Required Supplies and equipment

Massage Table

Wear loose or stretch clothing – pants work better than skirts

Classroom: Garden Room 105

Classes begin promptly at 9:00 am Thursday, Friday and Saturday


Have you ever wanted to nail down muscle testing?

How about understanding the fundamentals of the Chinese Acupuncture System?

Did you know that Touch For Health marries the two together?

In Touch For Health, you will learn the art of muscle testing and the position and range of motion for 14 muscles that relate to the 14 major acupuncture meridians. You will also learn 5 techniques to switch on muscles that are switched off, e.g., rubbing reflex points that affect the lymphatic system, and holding points on the head that serve as reflexes for the vascular system.

You will also discover great simple, yet powerful, calming methods to use for anxiety, ADHD, worry, etc.

Do you have more trouble than most when reading, learning new things, or comprehending during a presentation? Again, you will experience simple, yet powerful techniques to rid yourself of these annoyances, or teach them to clients, friends and family.

Do you relieve clients’ aches and pains, only to have them back in a week or two with the same complaints? Imagine the referrals you will get if you were able to relieve them longer term! Touch For health helps you get to the root of the problem for a more permanent fix.

Are you tired of suggesting to your clients that they should drink more water or eat a healthy diet, with no compliance? What if you were able to show him/her the difference with a muscle test?

On day 2, I’m planning to take you through a meditation that is an accelerated learning technique to help you automate the position and range of the 14 muscles for testing, so if you could bring a blanket or something to increase your comfort, it would be great!

All of this and more awaits you. I’m excited to share this most amazing work with you.

You will receive 20 CEs from NCBTMB for this class…and so much more!


Course Description

Darcy Lewis

Darcy Lewis, MA has been a certified Touch For Health instructor since 1981 and has been actively teaching Touch for Health. Darcy is a trained educator with over 400 hours of training in various specialized areas of kinesiology. She is a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner and Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant since 1998. She taught TFH classes at Lansing Community College in the massage program for 20 years. In addition, She is on the board and is past president of the U.S. Touch For health Kinesiology Association. She loves sharing these simple, yet powerful tools with all those who want to feel better and to help others do the same. She is an enthusiastic, motivational, and excellent presenter!

Course Description and Objectives: Touch for Health Introduction and Level 1

Often, as licensed massage therapists, you see clients with tight muscles and you make them feel better, but the clients return the next week with the same problems. In Touch For Health I, you learn the concept of opposing muscle groups. If you find the muscle that is switched off, you can switch the opposing muscle back on, using reflex points related to the lymphatic, circulatory or the meridian system, or working with the muscle itself, thereby releasing the stress of the tight muscle trying to hold the bones in place all by itself. This is a more permanent fix and it is less work! The bonus is that each muscle is related to a particular meridian (the pathway that carries the chi energy). By switching on the muscle, you also unblock the chi energy, so it flows uninterrupted, which puts the body in its best state to heal itself, no matter the ailment.


Touch for Health Level 1 plus introduction is for laypeople and health professionals. You will learn the art of muscle testing and the basic procedure to balance the body’s muscles and acupuncture meridians as presented in Dr. John Thie’s book, Touch for Health. You will learn to:

  • Increase your energy level.
  • Reduce stress and pain.
  • Increase mental clarity.
  • Enhance immune system function.

The basic balancing system includes how to:

  • Test and correct 14 muscles/meridians, as well as the spinal reflexes, neurolymphatic reflexes, neurovascular points, and meridians.
  • Assess nutritional support for the muscles.
  • Effectively reduce emotional stress and pain by touch.

This course requires a $28 materials fee.