Regional Coordinators

Welcome to the regional information page.

Texas is a huge state and it is often difficult for us to get to meetings, educational offerings, or just meet and network with our peers, so we have created an opportunity for those types of activities to be available closer to home. While regions typical center around a larger metropolitan city, some parts of Texas just don’t have a larger metropolitan city and that is fine too. Regions come in all different sizes. But…we need more people to step up and help coordinate activities in their region.

What does it take to be a regional coordinator?
First off, passion. If you are passionate about your profession and want to help make a difference in your area, you are the perfect fit for regional coordinator. Now, there are some specific actions you would need to take, but for the most part you will have help every step of the way from the Education Chair and the Board. If you would like more information or to volunteer, please contact Michelle Burns (Education Chair).

Meet Our Coordinators

Matthew Manriquez – El Paso Region


Matthew Manriquez is a S.I. Practitioner and a student of Functional Bodywork. He has been involved with the El Paso AMTA region as it evolved through its many iterations. Through its aging, the community of El Paso AMTA’ers agree on gathering the massage therapists together to provide new CEU’s to aspiring therapists. Our hopes and dreams have become one as a paradigm shift, incubating the new era of Massage Therapists to thrive.

Jackye Crumley – Brownwood Region


My name is Jackye Crumley, I have been in the healthcare world for almost 20 years.
I started as a paramedic running a ground ambulance and then spent my remaining 12 years as a flight paramedic.

I start massage school in 2019 and upon graduation opened my own studio.
Health and Wellness is my passion, which includes massage, I have seen first hand people cry when their pain symptoms have subsided and they feel so close to normal.
I look forward to continuing studying and being an active role with AMTA.

Tamica Scott-Tipton – North Austin Region


I am a massage therapist with the good fortune to be from Detroit Michigan who has lived in San Jose, CA, Chennai India and now calls Texas home. As a child I experienced the power of touch, through massaging my grandmother, Midy. She experienced chronic debilitation swelling of her legs and joints. Wanting to ease her pain, I would take baby oil or lotion and massage it all over her legs. At the age of five I did not have the best technique, but I knew my touch made her smile and feel better. I was hooked! After earning my degree and several years in the corporate world, I decided to pursued my dream of learning the healing arts of massage.

My massage education was received through the DeAnza College Massage Therapy program in Cupertino California, the School of Shiatsu and Massage in Middletown CA and TMC School of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Formerly, I held the post of VP of Education for the Silicon Valley unit of the American Massage Therapy Association, the AMTA. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Wayne State University.

When I am not in the massage room, I can be found practicing Yoga, traveling or cooking up a storm.

David Falknor – Northwest Houston


Graduated from Southeastern Institute in Nashville, TN in April 21, 2011, 4 days after my 48th birthday and became a student member of AMTA. I started my practice in Brentwood, TN at Pure Life Massage and Wellness. My family and I returned to our home state of Texas in 2013 to be near my wife’s parents in Northwest Houston. In 2014, I obtained my Massage Therapy Instructor’s license. I work on athletes at marathons, tri-athelons and Iron-Man competitions as well as MMA and boxing competitors. I joined the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s Sports Medicine Team in 2018. Today, I focus my time on my clients and helping them to return to health lifestyle holistically and in conjunction with chiropractic service.