Michelle Burns — Education Chair

Hey all,

I know this has been a chaotic and challenging time for everyone, and especially for many in our profession. So many new challenges and opportunities for each of us when it comes to networking, peer support and connection, and education opportunities. We were sad to miss the opportunity to see and interact with our community at the convention—not to mention participate in wonderful educational sessions. At the regional level, it has also been challenging for our community to get together to network, problem solve, and learn from each other.

While the Department of Licensing and Regulation temporarily waived the continuing education requirement for renewal, and in-person classes became difficult for educators to provide safely, many have moved to online formats, such as Zoom classes and other online platforms.

I would love to see Zoom meetings as an option at the regional level. To accomplish this, we need people in the many different areas of Texas who would be interested in helping coordinate Zoom meetings in their area. This may not be quite as good as seeing your friends in person, but it has the advantage of opening the meetings to many who would be too far away to attend in-person events. We do have several regional coordinators: Matthew Manriquez in El Paso area, Susan Olson in the Brazos area, and Mike Thielen in the Dallas area, but we need more. We need people in your area to step up and help keep us connected and learning in this frustrating and isolating time. Please consider volunteering your time to help. Contact me if you are ready to volunteer as a coordinator.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact anyone on the board. We are here to help.

Michelle Burns, Education Chair