Brenda Padilla — Financial Administrator

By: Brenda Padilla

Hello Everyone!                                                                                                                                       8/16/2020

It has been a bit hectic, scary, annoying and also somewhat relieving since Covid-19 started.  We went from a totally regular routine to something out of a science fiction/horror movie.  We’ll be stronger and wiser from this moment forward.

I have missed you all very much—I really have!  I took on this role of Financial Administrator over 5 years ago to be a support for us all here in Texas.  Every year I so enjoy meeting new members and reconnecting to the oldies but goodies.  You all have become my second family, the ones I chose without any regrets.  Soon, we will be back to routine and be able to provide y’all with CE’s, new friendships and camaraderie. Don’t give up: the best is yet to be!

With that, my report is limited.  We are Texas, we have a healthy budget: we know how to budget and continue with a strong fiscal sense.

This year’s Annual meeting was cancelled of course, but here is the breakdown of our budget.

Annual Meeting Facilities: budgeted $9200—actual used $0; $9,200 back to budget

Grapevine Convention Center was awesome to deal with about refunds and rescheduling. (Yes, next year’s 60th Celebration will be in Grapevine.)

Annual Meeting Food: budgeted $25,500—actual $11,000; $14,500 back to budget

The current situation with the caterer and AMTA is still in process.  More details to follow when they become available.

Annual Meeting Speaker Fees: budgeted $14,950—actual $2,175; $12,775 back to budget

Annual Meeting Lodging: budgeted $4,000—actual $0 used; $4,000 back to budget

Annual Meeting Marketing: budgeted $11,000—actual used $6,000; $5,000 back to budget

Totals: Budgeted annual meeting 64,650—actual $19,175; back to budget $45,475

We ordered some awesome swag bags that are awaiting to go to their new homes next year!

All in all, we have not used much of this year’s Annual Meeting budget, just 30%.

We are working on some kinks with contracts and Covid but with all the savings to be added to next year’s budget, the 60th Celebration of Texas Chapter AMTA will be beyond amazing!

Here is the current state of AMTA-TX as of June 2020:

Investment account balance $43,721.72

Membership dues for June $7,599.71

Checking account balance $75,888.71

Way to go Texas! Keep saving, keep spending wisely, and invest in ourselves.

Keep your head held high and don’t take any wooden nickels!

~Brenda Padilla LMT, LMTI, BCTMB – Texas Chapter AMTA – Financial Administrator