Russell Rust — Government Relations Chair

Hello from the Government Relations department!

I know it has been tough times for the massage industry as whole and like you, the volunteers on the board are therapists, and it has been tough for us, too. Balancing our own businesses and the hours of volunteer time needed to keep our great Texas chapter informed can be stressful, but we all do it for the love of the profession.

With that being said, I have to keep everyone up to date regarding all the happenings with COVID-19 protocols for practice, implementation of state laws by TDLR that were passed in 2019 legislative session, and everything else affecting the massage profession in Texas. Like us, the situation has been bumpy for TDLR and their staff, trying to figure out how to do everything remotely, which has caused many delays in their services. Speaking to different program directors with TDLR, they are working hard to fix these issues and ask for our patience. I cannot stress enough that signing up for TDLR alerts is the fastest way for you to be informed with issues regarding the profession, and I suggest that you visit TDLR massage page at least once a month to stay updated on the required forms and protocols for us to practice massage in Texas during this situation.

I will continue working hard to keep you updated, informed, and engaged on issues concerning the political and regulatory side of the massage profession.

I am so grateful for our board members who have stepped up and volunteered their time to serve the Texas chapter through these difficult times. I have been a board member many times in 27 years of service. I do not believe the board receives enough accolades for the time they spend on behalf of the AMTA members in Texas.

Yours in service,

Russell Rust Government Relations Chair