Facilitated Stretching with Bob McAtee

July 20, 2024 @ 8:30 am – July 21, 2024 @ 5:30 pm
Where Body Meets Soul Healing and Massage Center
1221 California Ln Ste. 120 Arlington
TX 76015

Facilitated Stretching – 2 Day CE Class with Bob McAtee

Massage therapists often feel they don’t have the training or expertise to correctly perform stretches and avoid incorporating them into their sessions. They may also avoid including stretches for their clients because they seem to strenuous.

This seminar is based on my book, Facilitated Stretching, and is designed to teach practitioners to incorporate the stretching protocols into table, floor, or chair sessions to achieve greater overall client outcomes.

Facilitated Stretching is a safe, simple, yet dramatically effective stretching technique that can be used with a wide variety of clients to regain or improve flexibility. This method of stretching is easy on the therapist, engages the client in the process, and easy to incorporate into a massage session.

Facilitated stretching, combined with soft tissue work, will enable the practitioner to obtain greater overall success in client treatment sessions. Additionally, a program of self-stretching using these techniques can be invaluable for clients in their home stretching programs.