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San Antonio – December Holiday Celebration @ Chicken n Pickle Restaurant
Dec 15 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Join us for community and a holiday celebration

Join us for our AMTA San Antonio regional meeting

Friday, December 15 at 6:30 pm
Chicken n Pickle Restaurant
5215 UTSA Blvd
San Antonio, TX

We will eat, visit and exchange white elephant gifts ($15 or a little more and no gag gifts). For fun, feel free to wear your ugliest holiday sweater.

There is no cost to attend and food will be provided. All therapists are welcome, so feel free to bring a colleague or fellow therapist to meet others and enjoy this time of gratitude and community.  Students are always welcome.

RSVP by email or Facebook requested but not required to attend.

For questions or RSVP contact the coordinators at: or the Education Chair at: You can also join our Facebook page to learn about events in our region

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San Antonio Coordinators


M J Carillo

I graduated from AMTT in San Antonio, TX in November of 2021. During my time at school I was teaching full time as a Pre-k teacher. I took my certification exam in January 2022 and resigned as a teacher in May to begin my new career as a LMT full time in June. Instead of starting my PHD I decided to follow a different path and have not regretted it. I love the massage world and the plethora of roads you can take to help heal people. The copious amount of classes to increase your knowledge and skill is another aspect I love about this field. I attend as many CE courses as I can monthly to constantly expand my capabilities as LMT.

In the year of massaging, I have created my own place of business called Smudgehawk Healing. I offer a wide range of therapies and work with oncology clients, nursing homes, local MMA fighters and other sports. I love what I do and look forward to the years ahead.

Josué Tai

Josué Tai

I’m a passionate massage therapist currently in the process of validating my qualifications in the US. I originally obtained my credentials in Mexico and China, and I’m now committed to furthering my expertise. Beyond massage therapy, I’m also a Tai Ji instructor and a consultant in Daoist Arts, which adds a unique dimension to my holistic approach to well-being.

My aspiration is to contribute to the massage therapist community, working together to elevate our profession and maintain our rightful place among healthcare providers. I’m excited about the opportunity to build connections, make new friends, and share knowledge within our community. Let’s grow and learn together as we aim high for excellence in our field. Feel free to reach out, and let’s embark on this journey of growth and collaboration.

Tina Payton

Hello, my name is Tina Payton.

In 2015, after my last child left home, I decided to become a Massage Therapist. 

Since that time, I have continued to learn and grow in this wonderful profession.  

I have been blessed with wonderful clients and have built a busy and successful business.

I have a passion for helping other LMT’s to also build a sustainable massage therapy business of their own if they desire.  

My passion for massage comes from my desire to help others heal, learn the importance of self-care, and self love, as well, as be in touch with their own bodies.

Though I came into the profession later in life, my plan is to continue massaging well into my older years. Therefore taking care of my health and my physical well-being is very important. It is something that I try to teach to my clients and other Massage Therapists when the opportunity presents itself.

I am excited about being a part of the San Antonio region for AMTA. And I look forward to meeting many other wonderful massage therapists in our area.

Brooke D.

Brooke D.

My name is Brooke D. and in November 2000, I joined the US Air Force, never having had an injury or a massage.  In late 2005, I hurt my hip. I sought medical care but the doctors didn’t know what was wrong.  My entire way of life changed. No more rock climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking, or running.  I didn’t know what to do with myself. I could hardly walk. For almost two years, I was in constant pain and had trouble sleeping. I started down the path of meditation and sought massage to help ease the discomfort.  That’s how I discovered the amazing benefits of an intentional mind-body practice of self-care.  Finally, in 2007, I had hip surgery to correct a torn labrum. My doctor told me I could never do any of my favorite activities again or I could risk tearing the corrected labrum again and could tear the other labrum more.   

In my search to find a new lifestyle that could support my activity limitations, I started to swim, hike, and practice yoga and I also found an amazing bodyworker who helped me see that there was more to it than just a Swedish massage.  I became a yoga teacher in 2016 and wanted to find a way to use yoga as a physical therapy for my clients, but I was told that I needed a massage license for that.  I retired from the Air Force in December 2020 and the day after, I attended my first massage class.

In April 2022, I graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona.  Now, I’m a yoga teacher and bodyworker in Seguin.  As a yoga teacher, I primarily offer guided meditations and create therapeutic yoga sequences for “gentle” and “chair” classes.  Additionally, I will start to teach water yoga soon.  As a bodyworker, I specialize in Craniosacral Therapy, Thai massage, medical massage, pre/postnatal massage, and “geriatric” massage.  I have a passion for subtle energies and for people who need a specialized touch.

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith lives in Kerrville, Tx and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2002. She specializes in pain management but believes all modalities are valued and important. Continuing education is important to her and she encourages others in their career and education. It is important to always grow in your career.

Ryan Harness

Ryan Harness

My name is Ryan Harness, and as of 09/16/2023, I am a licensed massage therapist. It is both incredible and surreal to state this as a fact, considering the journey I have embarked on over the past decade. Initially, I worked as a correctional officer in Carlin, Nevada and had aspirations of becoming a professional strongman. However, everything changed after a car accident left me unable to walk without severe pain. Subsequently, I was advised by two doctors that I would require knee and hip replacements. Although they recommended surgery, I chose to take a different path. 

Refusing to give in, I struggled for a year until I found myself seeking help from a massage therapist named Bobby Baum, who has now become a dear friend. After enduring intense pain during our session, I squatted 275 pounds, considering that I had not set foot in the gym for a year, this was unbelievable. 

In that life-changing moment, I became deeply fascinated by the power of massage therapy and the incredible impact it can have on a person’s well-being. I embarked on a journey of learning and growth, eventually landing a position working under a chiropractor who taught me valuable skills which were sent into high gear due to working on 20-40 clients 3-5 days a week.

My passion lies in alleviating the pain and suffering of others. Having experienced some of the lowest points in my own physical health, I understand the desperate desire to be able to wake up without pain and regain mobility. It is this empathy and drive that fuels my commitment to helping others through the art of massage therapy.

My door is always open for those who seek to better improve.. Together, we can overcome the challenges that we face, enabling you to find strength, resilience, and renewed vitality. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.